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New Mullaitivu irrigation scheme a front for Sinhalisation - NPC member

The Sri Lankan government is undertaking another large-scale project for Sinhalisation of Mullaitivu, an Northern Provincial Council member for the district has said.

The billion rupee irrigation scheme titled 'Hipul Oya' on the Mullaitivu border is another front to settle more Sinhalese families on the appropriated land of Tamils, NPC member T. Ravikaran told the council.

The government is attempting to replicate the colonisation of Manalaaru, now known only as 'Weli Oya', which has been transformed into an entirely Sinhalese division in Mullaitivu, Mr Ravikaran said.

Nothing has been done to tackle militarisation or poverty in Mullaitivu - with the district being the most deprived and most heavily militarised on the island - yet the government is committed to settling Sinhalese and providing livelihoods for them in order to destroy the Tamil majority in the district, he said.