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New Libyan regime pledges to investigate war crimes

The National Transitional Council of Libya has said that they would investigate allegations of “serious abuses” conducted by their forces.

The statement comes after Amnesty International released a report Tuesday that claimed both sides in the Libyan conflict had committed war crimes.

From Benghazi, the council's executive committee said that they "strongly condemns any abuses perpetrated by either side" and will “fully investigate” all allegations.

"The NTC is firmly committed to human rights and the rule of law, both international and local."

London-based watchdog Amnesty International welcomed the commitment from the NTC and urged them to ensure these abuses are not repeated.

Claudio Cordone, senior director at Amnesty, said,

We look forward to concrete action to ensure as a matter of urgency that detainees are not ill-treated, and that particularly vulnerable groups such as Libyans from Tawargha – most of whom have fled their town -and sub-Saharan Africans, are protected from reprisals.”

"The new authorities must make a complete break with the abuses of the past four decades and set new standards by putting human rights at the centre of their agenda."

Amnesty’s 107-page report entitled “The Battle for Libya: Killings, Disappearances and Torture” revealed damning cases of violations of humanitarian law by both sides.

However, the group did state that abuses committed by those loyal to the NTC were of “smaller scale” than Gaddafi’s forces, which may amount to crimes against humanity.

The statement by the NTC comes as they continue to assault the town of Bani Walid south-east of Tripoli, which Gaddafi loyalists still control