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Native Americans regain land stolen in 1860 massacre

In a landmark decision, the Wiyot Tribe will regain the majority of an island off Northern California which they had lost to colonial settlers in a massacre in 1860.

In 1860 the Wiyot tribe was massacred as women, children and elders were slaughtered as the tribesmen were gathering supplies. The remaining 600 members of the tribe have since then continued to fight for their land.

In 2000 the tribe was forced to sell art and fry bread as well as take donations to but the eastern tip of the island. It was purchased for  $106,000. A few years later, the city of Eureka gave the tribe a bit more land. This Monday, the city finally signed over the largest deed of land, over  8,000,00 square meters of land. This handover land was not purchased this time.

Over the centuries, Native American tribes have lost millions of acres of land through broken treaties with the US.

Tribal administrator, Michelle Vasse, said in response to this transfer;

"It's a really good example of resilience because Wiyot people never gave up the dream"

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