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Myanmar asks for 'space' to address Rohingya issue

Myanmar's de-facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi asked for the country to be given "enough space" to deal with the Rohingya issue.

Speaking after a meeting with the US Secretary of State John Kerry, Ms Suu Kyi was quoted by the BBC as saying, "all that we are asking is that people should be aware of the difficulties we are facing and to give us enough space to solve all our problems."

Describing the term Rohingya as "emotive", last week Ms Suu Kyi had asked the new US ambassador to Myanmar to not use the term.

Mr Kerry's visit on Sunday came as Buddhist monks took to the street to protest against the use of the word "Rohingya".

“I want to tell John Kerry to review their policy of terminology. The term 'Rohingya' is not good for Myanmar,” a Buddhist monk and one of the protest organisers told Anadolu Agency. See here for more.