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Mullivaikkaal landowners to challenge Sri Lanka Navy landgrab

Mullaitivu landowners have said they intend to legally challenge the Sri Lankan government's planned landgrabs in Mullivaikkaal.

A gazette notification issued in August declared that 617 acres of privately-owned land in Mullivaikkaal would be appropriated for the use of the Gotabaya navy camp.

Since being informed whether they were affected by the Maritimepattu Divisional Secretariat, owners of the land have insisted they will not allow their properties to be forcibly appropriated.

Northern Provincial Council representative for Mullaitivu, T. Ravikaran said the NPC and Chief Minister would support the residents in their campaign to keep their lands.

The Sri Lankan government treats Tamil citizens like livestock, Mr Ravikaran said, criticising the government's habit of carrying out illegal landgrabs.