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Military leaders in South Sudan resign accusing regime of mass atrocities

Two senior military leaders resigned this week accusing the South Sudanese president of war crimes, genocidal acts and ethnic cleansing against those not from the Dinka group. 

"Your regime committed sundry war crimes... genocidal acts and ethnic cleansing," Brigadier General Henry Oyay Nyago wrote in his resignation letter, which details specific crimes and atrocities committed. 

"I cannot continue to be silent or taciturn when you are finishing and slaughtering the innocent people of South Sudan," he went on to add. 

"Rape cases committed and being committed by your army and organised forces have become a daily game ... you have recruited children compulsorily and ordered killing of war prisoners."

The head of the country's military court, Colonel Khalid Ono Loki, accused the army of making extra-judicial arrests based on ethnicity. 

In his resignation letter Colonel Loki condemned "unspecified and unstipulated arrests and detentions fluctuating from months to years without investigation and scrutiny... on fabricated cases against individuals of non-Dinka ethnicity". 

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