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MC Ellaalan releases 'Her Yesterday' at Youth Maaveerar Naal

A British Tamil Rapper, MC Ellaalan released his second rap song at Youth Maaveerar Naal today.

Tamil Guardian caught up with the rapper at the end of the event to talk about the motive behind his second song.

When asked what the main message of his latest song, Ellaalan said,

“I wanted remind people that it is important, not only to remember our fallen freedom fighters, but also to remember the tens of thousands of liberation fighters who are still suffering unspeakable horrors today. With this song I hoped to raise their plight, and show the human side of the movement which is frequently concealed by international media under the guise of terrorism.”

Commenting on his first experience of Youth Maaverar Naal, Ellaalan expressed optimism in student initiatives stating,

“I was moved by the large gathering at Youth Maaveerar Naal, which shows that second generation youth are becoming more politically aware of their Eelam Tamil identity. It is important to continue to remember the sacrifices of thousands of people to uphold the Eelam Tamil identity and make sure that the future generations foster what so many people gave their lives for, the freedom to be an Eelam Tamil.”

Ellaalan ended by responding to questions about future plans, detailing,

“I aim to carry on highlighting different unaddressed issues that continue to affect the Eelam Tamil nation. I want to use my music to highlight the ongoing genocide of the Eelam Tamil people, and the international complicity with this process. I further look to expose the pseudo-Sri Lankan identity that Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism is masquerading under. Finally I want to shed light on the, often neglected, rich ancient history of the Eelam Tamils on the island. I have no set audience; I want my message to spread to anyone and everyone. “

Keep an eye out for Ellaalan as he embarks on further thought provoking lyrical projects.