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Mass graves of Franco victims excavated in Spain

Archeologists have begun excavating mass graves in Spain dating back to the dictatorship of General Franco in order to try and identify victimes. 

Over 2000 victims have been uncovered so far. 

The majority of the bodies currently being excavated are expected to be leftists who were sentenced to death by military judges between 1939-1956, the first half of General Franco’s military dictatorship.

Despite over 4 decades since the death of Franco, there was no coordinated effort to identify victims. 

Local historian Vincent Gabarda, who unearthed Franco era registers listing almost 2300 executions victims buried in over a hundred mass graves, told Al Jazeera:

"If we don’t get all the hidden information out into the open then wounds will get deeper we have to bring out the dirt so that wounds can be cleaned and then healed."

An estimated 110,000 people were killed and buried in mass graves across Spain.