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Malaysian politician condemns SOSMA

Socialist Party of Malaysia’s Deputy Chairperson, S Arutchelvan, condemned the Special Measures Act (SOSMA), which has been used to detain 12 men for their alleged ‘LTTE links’.

According to the Green Left, Arutchelvan said that SOSMA must be repealed urgently. He was previously a veteran of the campaign against the Internal Security Act (ISA), legislation which was used to detain people without trial but has now been repealed.

Arutchelvan also condemned the unwarranted attempt to criminalise support for the right of Tamils to self-determination, human rights and welfare in Sri Lanka.

“SOSMA has all the DNA of the ISA- which has its origins under British colonial rule,” Arutchelvan told Green Left.

“It was used to detain independence activists, socialists, trade unionists and other social movement activists. When the British passed on their repressive state to their neo-colonial puppets, they kept these repressive powers.”

Malaysian authorities have arrested two lawmakers and give other activists for alleged links to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which continues to be listed as a “terrorist organisation” in the country.

Malaysian police counter-terrorism chief Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay told reporters that the arrested people were suspected of “supporting, promoting, recruiting, fundraising for and possessing items linked to LTTE militants”.

Amongst the group are two lawmakers who reportedly delivered leaflets and spoke at a Maaveerar Naal – or Hero’s Day event – in Malaysia. The two are reportedly assemblymen from the Democratic Action Party, a member of Malaysia’s ruling coalition.

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