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Mahinda hints at repeal of 19th amendment

Former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa has hinted at dismantling amendments to the constitution made by the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government, in a statement hailing his brother Gotabaya’s election victory.

The Rajapaksa camp has opposed the passing of the 19th Amendment which was brought in as an attempt to curtail the powers of the executive president, including imposing a term limit which made Mahinda ineligible to run again. Maithripala Sirisena who helped introduce the amendment as president later called for its repeal as he tried to rehabilitate his standing with the Rajapaksas.

“We will be studying the provisions of the 19th Amendment […] and planning our immediate programme of action accordingly,” Rajapaksa said, referring to the “complications in the system of governance brought about” by the amendment.