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Maaveerar Naal marked in Nallur

Tamils gathered by the destroyed Thileepan monument in Nallur on Saturday to take part in one of the many Maaveerar Naal commemorative events taking place across the North-East on November 27.

Despite military officers being stationed around the region, events this year took a more defiant tone to recent years when Maaveerar Naal was marked covertly. 

This year's event at Nallur took place in front of a large display entitled 'Maaveer Naal' with a photograph of tombstones of fallen Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam cadres and a kaarthikai poo (gloriosa lily). 

Councillors from the Northern Provincial Council, MK Shivjilingham, Ananthy Sasitharan and P Ayngaranesan took part in the event. 

Military officers patrol by Thileepan monument.