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Maaveerar Naal commemorated by thousands across Jaffna

Chatty Thuyilum Illam

Thousands of Tamils gathered at thuyilum illams, memorials and public buildings across Jaffna district to commemorate Maaveerar Naal, paying tribute to the sacrifice of the Maaveerar - fallen Tamil fighters. 


Koppay Thuyilum Illam 

In Koppay families of Maaveerar and local residents gathered despite a heavy police and military intimidation at a memorial made opposite the original thuyilum illam, which remains under army occupation. 

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Chatty Thuyilum Illam 

Hundreds gathered at Chatty Thuyilum Illam by a memorial made from the destroyed the tombstones of Maaveerar from the original LTTE resting home. 



Uduththurai Thuyilum Illam

Hundreds of people attended the Maaveerar Naal commemorations at the Uduththurai Thuyilum Illam (LTTE cemetery).

Relatives of those who died fighting in the LTTE flocked to the destroyed cemetery from surrounding villages and towns in Vadamarachchi, Jaffna.



Kodikaamam Thuyilum Illam 

Residents gathered at a make-shift memorial in Kodikaamam near the destroyed thuyilum illam site which is under army occupation. 



In Passaiyoor local residents gathered at a make-shift memorial by Passaiyoor beach to commemorate Maaveerar Naal. 



Residents of Valvettithurai, the home town of LTTE leader Veluppillai Prabhakaran, gathered at the site of a destroyed memorial in Theeruvil to commemorate Maaveerar Naal.

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Jaffna University 

Following from a morning tribute event at the University of Jaffna, students held a traditional evening service to mark Maaveerar Naal, featuring the lighting of the flame of sacrifice at 18.05.

As night fell in Jaffna, lamps were lit all over campus, decorating the Maaveerar monument in the courtyard which formed the centre of commemorations.

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