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LLRC recommendations not implemented - TNA

Dismissing Mahinda Rajapaksa's address on Sri Lanka's independence day, TNA MP Sumanthiran, said that the recommendations of the LLRC has not been implemented.

He added that the TNA believes the Sri Lankan government had received a letter from the US urging action.

The "US have warned that if the government did not take action, it will pursue on certain international actions,” said Sumanthiran.

The Assistant US Secretary of State for South Asia, Robert O'Blake, is said to be visiting Sri Lanka on the 11th February, ahead of the 19th session of the UN Human rights Council.

Sri Lanka's external affairs ministry confirmed that Blake is scheduled to meet GL Peiris on the 13th, however Mahinda Rajapaksa will most probably be on a private visit to another country. According to reports, Blake will be meeting the TNA and other political parties.