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Kurdistan Regional Government marks Kurdish Journalism Day

The Kurdistan Regional Government marked the 120th anniversary of the publication of the first Kurdish newspaper on Sunday, reports Kurdistan24.net.

In a statement for Kurdish Journalism Day the government said,

“On this day, we salute the pure souls of Kurdistan’s journalists, those who have sacrificed their lives on the front lines against terrorists, to convey the truth. It is a great honor to work with the Kurdistan Region’s dozens of press and media institutions who hold different opinions and political messages in an atmosphere of freedom. The journalists of Kurdistan by behaving in a professional, credible, and civil manner, away from any act that could harm the reputation and status of the Kurdish media, play an active role in safeguarding the freedoms to which they are entitled.”

Kurdish Journalism Day falls on the same day as the publication of the first Kurdish newspaper titled ‘Kurdistan’ in 1898 in Cairo.