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Kosovo Albanian detained for alleged war crimes with Serbian troops

A court in Kosovo has detained a Kosovo Albanian for allegedly working with Serbian troops and committing war crimes in 1999.

Agim Sahitaj has been remanded for one month, after claims that we worked with Serbian troops in April 1999 as they “killed, wounded, beat and harassed Kosovo Albanian civilians, looted their possessions and forcibly expelled them from their homes,” reports Balkan Insight.

The perpetrator was allegedly uniformed and armed at the time.

“During April 1999, Agim Sahitaj, alongside members of Serbian forces, entered a house in the village of Sopi in Suhareka/Suva Reka, where he injured [victim S.E.] in the right foot, while killing A.K., then the suspect shot in the direction of A.E., but fortunately did not hit the target,” Special Prosecutor Syle Hoxha said.

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