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Karunanidhi warns of cover up if Sri Lanka conducts inquiry

The Tamil Nadu politician and DMK leader, M Karunanidhi warned of a cover up if Sri Lanka is allowed to conduct its own inquiry into war crimes, criticising the US for its stance on a domestic inquiry, The Hindu reported

Earlier this week the US said it would support such a move if it was credible, with some degree of international involvement.

“The US government's move looks as if it wants to cover up the war crimes. I hope it will not happen. If Sri Lanka is allowed to conduct its own inquiry, the DMK will strongly condemn the US,” Mr Karunanidhi was quoted by the paper as saying in a statement.

"I have been saying that we should not trust the US as it would not hesitate to betray the interest of Tamils. My stand has been vindicated now,” he added.

His sentiments were also echoed by the PMK founder, S Ramadoss.

“The only ray of hope is the United Nations Human Rights Council . It should ensure that an international inquiry is ordered into the war crimes,” Dr Ramadoss said, the paper reported.