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Japan in talks with India to develop Sri Lanka's Trincomalee harbour

Japan has initiated talks with Sri Lanka and India with the view of developing the deep water port in Trincomalee, reports Dailymirror.lk.

Speaking to journalists in Trincomalee, Japans Ambassador to Sri Lanka Kenichi Suganuma said, Trincomalee was an important strategically located deep sea port which had potential for future development.

“We have begun discussions with India on how best to develop the port in the future. There are no concrete plans yet,” he said.

Speaking on Japan’s approach to development in Sri Lanka, he said,

“In the case of Sri Lanka, we have three sectors. One is high quality infrastructure to boost Sri Lanka's growth, particularly in the area of exports. Secondly, the reduction of income disparities is there, particularly in regard to the vulnerable segments of society. We have to remedy this. Then, the reduction of social vulnerabilities such as floods and landslides are there. This is about official development. We also promote Japanese private investment.”

The Ambassador said that the total value of Japense funded projects in Sri Lanka was currently almost USD $12 billion.