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Jaffna businesses face difficulties due to Southern traders

Businesses in Jaffna are suffering as traders from the South are setting up stalls and shops across the North without having to obtain any government permission, said the Valikamam South Traders Union leader Layan C Hariharan.

Speaking at the Valikamam South Chamber of Commerce’s General meeting, Hariharan said that whilst businesses in Jaffna are required to obtain permission to set up from the regional council every year, traders from the South are coming into the North and setting up businesses and stalls without any such requirements.

All of this has damaged the local business industry in Jaffna he added, saying,

“Our merchants who invested hugely are severely affected by this. Because of them, our merchants are facing great difficulties and inconveniences.”

Hariharan also noted that recent robberies at business centres in Jaffna have still seen no action from the Sri Lankan police, further adding to the difficulties faced.

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