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ITJP report highlights structural genocide against Tamils under complete impunity says Australian senator

The Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales Lee Rhiannon, described the findings of the International Truth & Justice Project (ITJP) report into Sri Lanka as a “horrifying” account of ongoing torture against Tamils “under complete impunity.”

In a media release that called for accountability and an independent international war crimes investigation and action to stop the “on going structural genocide” in Sri Lanka, Ms Rhiannon said:

“The newly documented evidence of torture, sexual violence and harassment of Tamils by officials in Sri Lanka under complete impunity and as recently as July 2015, is horrifying."

“This new evidence confirms what we have already known - systematic and widespread crimes against humanity, sexual violence and intimidation have not ceased with the change of government, now under Maithripala Sirisena.”

“The men in the former Sri Lankan government who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity are under impunity and some are still holding official positions.  They must be held accountable for their crimes.”

“Even though Australia will continue to maintain its silence against Sri Lanka’s atrocities, it is so crucial the international community does not drop their support for an independent international war crimes investigation.”

“Structural genocide in Sri Lanka continues.  Crimes against humanity by Sri Lankan government officials continue.”

"The appointment of accused war criminals to top military positions and diplomatic posts indicates that victims and survivors in Sri Lanka cannot expect justice from any domestic mechanism.”

“The Greens will continue to campaign for an independent international war crimes investigation and will continue to raise the ongoing structural genocide in Sri Lanka.”

Sri Lanka continues 'multifaceted assault of terror' on Tamils under new government (28 Jul 2015)