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Iranian delegation to discuss Syria with Sri Lanka

A delegation from Iran, headed by the Iranian speaker of parliament, will arrive in Sri Lanka this week to discuss the ongoing conflict in Syria, according to reports.

Iran's Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani  told reporters that the trip to Asia, where the delegation will visit Vietnam and Sri Lanka, will discuss the conflict amongst other talks on bilateral co-operation.

"One of the key issues to be discussed with Vietnamese and Sri Lankan officials is the Syrian situation," said Mr Larijani.

Speaking on airstrikes carried out this week by US, UK and French forces, he went on to add, "Because, to our utter surprise, international mechanisms were all ignored in the attack, which can cause adverse consequences for future conflicts”.

“Therefore, it is needed to talk with officials of Vietnam and Sri Lanka on this issue and hope that the talks would be helpful for establishing peace in the international scene," he concluded.