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Iran threatens to quit nuclear deal if US imposes sanctions

The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, threatened to abandon the 2015 nuclear deal within hours if the United States continued to impose new sanctions.

Speaking in a televised address Mr Rouhani, said US President Donald Trump’s actions showed that he was an unreliable partner not just for Iran but US allies as well.

Accusing the US of breaking the nuclear agreement (JCPOA), he said,

“in recent months the world has witnessed that the US, in addition to its constant and repetitive breaking of its promises in the JCPOA, has ignored several other global agreements and shown its allies that the US is neither a good partner nor a reliable negotiating party.”

Threatening to leave the nuclear deal, Mr Rouhani added,

“those who try to return to the language of threats and sanctions are prisoners of their past delusions. If they want to go back to that experience, definitely in a short time – not weeks or months, but in the scale of hours and days – we will return to our previous situation very much stronger.”
 US State department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Washington was in full compliance with its side of the deal.

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