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Indian police crackdown on migrant workers

In the western state of Gujarat, India’s police crackdown on migrant workers using tear gas after authorities had relaxed the coronavirus lockdown.

India imposed a nationwide lockdown on the 25 March but will continue till the 17 May. In India, 42,500 have been identified with coronavirus and 1,300 have been identified to have died from the virus.

Officials reported that the approximate 1,000 workers who were stranded in Gujarat threw stones at the police.

47 Roots have noted that those most vulnerable to the virus are India’s poor.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has announced $2.2 billion support package for India’s approximately 800 million poor.

This support package will help finance free food, cash handouts, wages, reduction in rent and in some cases transportation back to worker’s home states. 47 Roots warn however that this has only reached a small proportion of people.

Read more from Reuters and see 47 Root video here.