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Indian housing project stutters into its 'second phase'

India's envisioned housing project of 50,000 houses for Tamils in the North-East, will be entering it's second phase on Tuesday, reports the Indian news site, Daily News & Analysis.

The plan, first announced in June 2010, has only seen 1000 houses built and handed over to Tamils in July of this year. Two years later. According to the news site, there are 43,000 houses planned within the second phase, with 1500 houses envisioned in the next wave of development.

The Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka, Ashoka K Kantha, said: "It is a very ambitious project. Based on recommendation from the Sri Lankan Government, we selected the owner-driven model to construct these houses.The money will be released to beneficiaries in three to four phases directly to their bank accounts."


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