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Hezbollah leader vows to back Assad

The leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, has stated that his fighters will remain in Syria, fighting for the Assad regime, as long as necessary in a speech on Thursday.

Speaking to thousands of people at a Lebanese Shi'ite ceremony, Nasrallah said

"As long as the reasons remain, our presence there will remain,”

He went on to add,

“Our fighters, our mujahedeen, are present on Syrian soil... to confront all the dangers of the international, regional and takfiri attack on this country and on this region.”

'Takfiri' refers to Sunni fighters who have alignned themselves with Al-Qaeda in the fight against Syrian President Assad.

Nasrallah also rejected the notion of withdrawing forces from Syria, to form a new government in Beirut, saying,

"We won't bargain our presence in Lebanon, Syria, and the axis of resistance for some ministerial portfolios."