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Hackers hit Sri Lankan government websites after mob attacks

Several Sri Lankan government websites been knocked offline after hackers attacked them in the wake of Sinhala mob attacks on Muslims in southern Sri Lanka.

Hackers from “Operation Sri Lanka” announced on their Twitter account that several government websites, including that of the Sri Lankan Treasury, Sri Lankan President and the Sri Lankan High Commission in the UK had been taken down in a spate of cyber attacks over the last few days.

At the time of writing, the websites remain offline.

The website of the Buddhist group Bodu Bala Sena was also amongst those shutdown by the hackers.

The hackers also released over 340 Sri Lankan government login details, including email addresses passwords for several government agencies, with ministries and the Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s office targeted.

Earlier this week other government sites were also hit, with that of the Sri Lankan Police and Coast guard down for several hours. The hackers stated the Sri Lankan government was being targeted for “doing nothing to stop BBS extremist attacks”.