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Guatemalan soldiers face sex slavery charges 30 years on

Guatemalan soldiers are to be prosecuted over sex slavery charges during the country's civil war, thirty years on, the Guardian reported.

The trial of the former base commander Esteelmer Reyes Giron and the former regional military commissioner, Heriberto Valdex Asij, is the first time worldwide that sexual slavery committed during an armed conflict will be prosecuted in that country.

The charges relate to the enslavement and rape of 11 Mayan women from Eastern Guatemala, who were systematic raped by many soldiers.

The two men are accused of crimes against humanity, which is not included within the amnesty law introduced following the armed conflict.

In 2013, the former president Rios Montt, who was in charge at the time the crimes were committed was found guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide, however, the verdict was then overturned only days later.

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