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GTF urges implementation of resolution 30/1 with UN monitoring, through new resolution

The Global Tamil Forum reiterated its call for the full implementation of the UN resolution co-sponsored by Sri Lanka in 2015, adding that the ensure this a new resolution ought be adopted taking into consideration the UN High Commissioner for Human Right's recommendation that the process must include close international monitoring. 

"GTF calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to make every effort to implement all of the recommendations presented in the High Commissioner’s report, which include: ‘present a comprehensive strategy on transitional justice, with a time-bound plan’; ‘invite Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to establish a full-fledged country presence’; ‘adopt legislation establishing a hybrid court, which should include international judges, defence lawyers, prosecutors and investigators’; and ‘operationalise the Office of Missing Persons Act and provide the Office of the Missing Persons with sufficient resources and technical means’."

"The High Commissioner’s recommendations to the member states ‘urge the Human Rights Council to continue its close engagement to monitor developments in Sri Lanka’, ‘investigate and prosecute those responsible for serious human rights violations under universal jurisdiction wherever possible’ and ‘ensure respect for the principle of non-refoulement in the case of Tamils who have suffered torture and human rights violations’. These recommendations are timely and need to be heeded."

Outlining its key points, the GTF said: 

GTF requests the core-group and member states to consider the following in resolution 34/1:

1.      Extend the timeline by the requested (by Sri Lanka) twenty four months to implement all of the requirements of resolution 30/1 of October 2015.

2.      Must formally ensure that Sri Lanka makes a time bound delivery commitment to implement requirements of resolution 30/1 in full, without any exceptions.

3.      Include a formal mechanism of monitoring of progress by OHCHR based from Sri Lanka 

4.      Delivery on these commitments must be formally reviewed on a more frequent basis (every six months) at the Council during the next two years, to avoid recurrence of non-delivery or partial delivery by Government of Sri Lanka by the end of the extended period.