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Gotabhaya says 'LTTE and diaspora' involved in new constitution

Sri Lanka's former defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said the "LTTE and the diaspora are involved in bringing in a new constitution", the Daily Mirror reported. 

“Terrorism existed during different governments, and there was a group who spread the opinion world over expressing that terrorism can never be defeated and peace cannot be established. These are the groups who are in the forefront of bringing a New Constitution," he was quoted as saying. 

"A Sinhalese living in this country had never objected to anyone believing in any faith, the right of living in this country. There is only 38% of Tamil nationals living in the North, the rest are living in other parts of the country among the Sinhala people."

Mr Rajapaksa also said that "local and international groups which intimidated the former government are the ones who initiated in bringing a New Constitution."