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Gotabaya says 'terrorist' fronts within Tamil diaspora continue propaganda against Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Secretary of Defence, Gotabaya Rajapaksa said whilst Sri Lanka had defeated terrorism on the island, it was still alive within the Tamil diaspora, reports Colombo Gazette.

'LTTE network continues to sustain an international propaganda campaign against Sri Lanka through front organisations that have now put on a democratic face' Mr. Gotabaya is quoted as saying whilst addressing delegates at Malaysia's 'Defence Services Asia' conference today.

Colombo Gazette further quoted him as saying,

'Some nations seem to have chosen to turn a blind eye to these front organisations and their activities because they claim to support political activism or humanitarian relief. At the same time, the network’s operatives, most of whom are trained terrorists, remain involved in various illegal activities, and are constantly seeking ways to revive terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.'

Sri Lankan government proscribed 15 Tamil diaspora groups and over 400 individuals earlier this month. The British and Canadian governments have cautioned Sri Lanka against using the proscription as a means of stifling free speech.

The ban came after the UN Human Rights Council mandated an international inquiry into Sri Lanka's mass atrocities, which diaspora groups had actively campaigned for, alongside a number of international NGOs and diplomatic missions.

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