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Gotabaya opens Buddhist Vihara in Kilinochchi - MoD

Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa has opened a Buddhist Vihara at a ceremony conducted earlier this week in the Northern city of Kilinochchi, the former administrative capital the LTTE.

Rajapaksa went on to praise the Sri Lankan armed forces for their support in constructing the Buddhist Vihara. According to the Ministry of Defence,

“Secretary Defence thanked the Maha Sanga for safeguarding Buddhism and Buddhists and the immense support given by the Maha Sangha to the tri forces personnel and government leaders.”

The Defence Secretary was also quoted as saying,      

"These types of religious activities show the rise of the Buddhist people".

Whilst also in Kilinochchi, Rajapaksa declared open a renovated Hindu Kovil, greeted by schoolchildren singing the national anthem, decreed to be sung only in Sinhalese almost 2 years ago.

Rajapaksa at Hindu kovil in Kilinochchi, raising the Sri Lankan flag at the entrance.

Rajapaksa also unveiled a plaque at the entrance of the kovil, above which flies the Sri Lankan flag. It is written entirely in English.

The plaque at the vihara however, was written in Sinhala only.

See both plaques below.

Plaque at Buddhist Vihara in Kilinochchi, entirely in Sinhalese.

Plaque at Hindu kovil in Kilinochchi, entirely in English.