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G-for Genocide Campaign widens in Toronto

Activists from the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) in Canada extended their “G for Genocide Campaign” this week, going door to door in Toronto’s North York region to raise awareness of Sri Lanka’s mass killings of Tamils.

Activists handed out copies of the recent Channel 4 documentary, ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ to members of the public and collected signatures for a petition calling for international action.
“We are meeting Canadians in their homes, informing them of Sri Lanka’s atrocities and abuses, as well as international inaction, and encouraging them to sign a petition today and to discuss these issues with their friends and relatives,” said Priyanth Nallaratnam of TYO-Canada.
“Our strategy is a long-term one, aimed at gradually building popular support [in Canada]. It turns on the power of a conversation.”
“Many Canadians are only vaguely aware of what’s been happening, and is happening, in Sri Lanka, though of course they know from the media that Tamils are seeking asylum here. We want more Canadians to know precisely why, and also how they can play a direct role.”
“We are initially targeting 5,000 signatures for our petition. That means introducing the problem in Sri Lanka to thousands of Toronto households.”