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French court ruling may reveal more on complicity in Rwandan genocide

A French court ruling later this month may allow the opening of the archives of former French President François Mitterand and shed light on the government’s role in the Rwandan genocide, reports Euronews.

The public rapporteur of France's Council of State has ruled in favour of researcher François Graner, from the NGO Survie (Survival), which has been calling for the opening of the archives of the former French president.

"What we want is to understand what the political decision-makers of the time knew, François Mitterand and his advisors, what information they had when they made the decisions that have since been criticized, and that involve France during, before and after the genocide of the Tutsis in 1994," said Graner.

"What we have been able to establish from the documents we have is the complicity of the French government," he added.

"That is to say, knowledge of the cause, knowledge of what happened, active support, which had an effect on the crime. It doesn't mean genocidal intent. Simply, we saw an intention to keep Rwanda under French influence at all costs, and at all costs, that meant by supporting those carrying out the genocide."

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