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Former Serbian paramilitary commander begins trial in Croatia

A former Serbian paramilitary commander who had fled to Australia, has begun a war crimes trial in Croatia, after being extradited last year.
Dragan Vasiljkovic pleaded not guilty to charges related to the torture and execution of Croatian soldiers during the Balkan conflict, stating that his actions were only part of protecting his homeland.
"He knew that Croatian civilians and prisoners were systematically beaten on a daily basis," said prosecutor Zivana Beros.
"It's all a lie,'' responded Mr Vasiljkovic. "The only crime here has been committed against me because I have been in jail for 11 years without a verdict.” "This is a staged story. ... The indictment is comical, shameless and insolent'' he added. "I defended my homeland Yugoslavia which I loved very much.''
Mr Vasiljkovic, a Serbian-Australian citizen, lost a lengthy appeal against his extradition case last year.