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Former fighters in Mannar struggling without promised support

Former LTTE cadres living in the Nanattan division of Mannar have expressed their frustration at the lack of support they have received in rebuilding their lives, despite meeting with local and central government officials to discuss their needs.

Over 60 male and female former cadres live in the division, among whom at least 15 have lost limbs or are otherwise disabled.

Speaking to local press, the cadres said they had been called to discuss their needs more than twice with the Nanattan divisional secretariat and with officials of the presidential secretariat.

However, despite officials taking down copious details of their needs and ideas to support them, nothing has come to fruition in the months after.

“Most of us do daily manual labour for a pittance,” a representative said. “At least some drought relief or flood relief would have been helpful.”

The cadres also said they had been given false hopes about being able to apply for government loans for enterprise, which had also proved fruitless.