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Former Chad president ordered to pay compensation to thousands of victims

Chad's former president must compensate victims who suffered under his rule a court, set-up by Extraordinary African Chambers, in Dakar has ruled.

Hissène Habré was sentenced to life in prison in May after being convicted of war crimes, rape, sexual slavery and crimes against humanity, all committed during his rule between 1982 and 1990.

Victims of sexual violence and rape will be awarded over 30,000 USD each; victims of arbitrary detention, torture, prisoners and survivors of war over 25,000 USD each; and families of victims around 17,000USD.

“Today’s decision is a significant step in enabling the victims of crimes in the case against Hissène Habré to move on with their lives,” said Erica Bussey Amnesty International Senior Legal Advisor Africa.

“It is also a victory for the victims of human rights violations all over the world as it demonstrates the urgent need for reparation even when decades have passed since the crimes were committed.”

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