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Foreign minister calls on diplomats to improve Sri Lanka's image abroad

Sri Lanka's foreign minister, Tilak Marapana, called on diplomats to improve the country's image abroad through their diplomacy, the Sunday Times reports. 

Marapana, speaking at an awarding ceremony of the Public Diplomacy and Media Relations training programme on Friday, stressed the importance of presenting Sri Lanka as a civilised nation with untapped potential and talent. 

Foreign secretary, Ravinatha Aryasinha, said that international affairs would continue to play a pivotal role in diplomacy both at home and abroad. 

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His comments following last year's two months of political crisis when the president sacked the then prime minister and dissolved parliament. 

The crisis resulted in several international loans and economic agreements being stalled and financial institutions expressing grave concerns.

Sri Lanka's rupee suffered greatly, falling to an all time low from which it continues to struggle to recover from.