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First Eelam film to screen across Western countries receives rave reviews

Sinamkol, a film shot entirely in parts of Tamil Eelam has widely received rave reviews and is currently playing at a number of screens.

Ranjith Joseph, the director described the film as one that importantly “talks about the economic and cultural struggles the Tamils face in Sri Lanka, post the war”. The cast and the production team reflect the range of Eelam Tamils across the globe with cast and crew sourced from the diaspora community and locally. 

The film received praise from numerous members of the film industry. 

Renowned actor, Nassar argued that the coverage received for the nations involved during the World Wars had severely lacked for Tamil Eelam and Sinamkol “finally satisfied that expectation” of giving an insight into Eelam. 

In addition, Sinamkol is a first of it’s kind, to have been created by Eelam Tamils and  received a ‘U’ certification within India. 

The film has been screened in in eight countries, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the USA and will play until January 5.

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