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A father continues his search for justice

The father of one of the Tamil students gunned down in the infamous ‘Trinco 5’ massacre has spoken of how despite the Sri Lankan government’s intransigence, he will continue his struggle for justice more than 13 years after the killings.

“The current Government promised me, when they met me in Geneva, that a hybrid court would be established,” said Dr Manoharan, the father of 20-year-old Ragihar, summarily executed by Sri Lanka's Special Task Force, whilst he spent an afternoon with friends on the beach in Trincomalee..

“But later, they said the President and Attorney General said no to a hybrid court.”

His comments were echoed by Father Yogeswaran, a civil society activist based in Trincomalee.

“In 2015, I think most people had high expectations,” he said. “But only a few people realised, based on history, that we were going to be cheated again.”

Despite Colombo’s unwillingness to investigate this case, alongside its refusal to hold troops accountable for violations committed during the final phase of the armed conflict, Dr Manoharan remains committed to his struggle for justice.

“The other families have been supporting me,” he said. I might even go to Geneva in March and make a statement. I am a retired man but I will not rest till the people behind this crime are charged.”

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