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Families of disappeared protest in front of OMP office in Batticaloa

Tamil families of the disappeared held a protest in front of Office of Missing person in Batticaloa on Tuesday, demanding an international mechanism to provide answers to the cases of thousands of forcibly disappeared Tamils.

The protest comes just days after the Sri Lankan president told the United Nations that the thousands of forcibly disappeared and missing Tamils “are actually dead”, in a widely condemned declaration.

The demonstration commenced by the YMCA building in Batticaloa and ended at the Office for Missing Persons that had recently opened on Central Road.

Demonstrators held placards that read, "Where are the children abducted by the White vans?", "International investigation is needed" as well as placards rejecting a reported Rs. 6,000 (US $33) sum that is being offered to them as compensation.

The protesters also expressed their concern to the press, that despite having provided the missing person's office six months ago with the details of five people that had forcibly disappeared, the office was unable to provide them with any information about their whereabouts.

The protesters felt like the office was inadequate for its purpose as it had not provided them with assistance in any way and demanded international intervention.