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Falklands to hold sovereignty referendum

The Falklands Islands’ government has announced it will hold a referendum in 2013, to settle once and for all questions regarding its sovereignty.
The announcement comes a day before the 30th anniversary since the end of Argentine occupation of the British territory.

The Chairman of the islands' legislative assembly, Gavin Short, said they were going to hold the referendum "to show the world just how certain we are about it [our future]".

"I have no doubt that the people of the Falklands wish for the islands to remain a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

"We certainly have no desire to be ruled by the government in Buenos Aires, a fact that is immediately obvious to anyone who has visited the islands and heard our views.

"But we are aware that not everybody is able to come to these beautiful islands and to see this reality for themselves.

"And the Argentine government deploys misleading rhetoric that wrongly implies that we have no strong views or even that we are being held hostage by the UK military. This is simply absurd."

Prime Minister David Cameron said it was "absolutely right" that Falkland islanders "make their voices heard once more".

"And Britain will be resolute in supporting their choice,"

"Next year's referendum will determine beyond doubt the views of the people of the Falklands. Britain will respect and defend their choice.

"We look to all UN members to live up to their responsibilities under the UN charter and accept the islanders' decision about how they want to live."