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Executions in Channel 4 video need international investigation - UN

“I conclude on the basis of the extensive technical evidence we obtained from independent experts that what is depicted in the video indeed happened. … I believe that a prima facie case of serious international crimes has been made."

"The prima facie case should go to the next level of investigation on a domestic and an international level. ...

"We should recognise the domestic process, but I think in parallel there should be an international investigation."

Christof Heyns, the UN's special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, speaking to the Human Rights Council in Geneva on an extended Channel 4 video broadcast Dec 2010 (see below) depicting Sri Lankan soldiers killing unarmed, restrained, naked Tamil men.

Heyns did not say what he meant by serious international crimes - which can be war crimes or crimes against humanity - but his findings on authenticity echo the findings of his predecessor, Philip Alston, last year on a shorter version of the video. (See also this from Sep 2009).

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