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EU threatens further sanctions on Venezuela over improper election environment

The European Union in a statement on Thursday threatened further sanctions on Venezuela if recently called elections were deemed unfair reports Reuters.

The EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro had called presidential elections without consensus on required “conditions for a credible and inclusive electoral process.”

Venezuela’s government has called presidential elections in May, despite opposition parties threatening to boycott the process due to improper circumstances around the elections. The country’s most popular opposition leaders have also been banned from competing.

Further commenting on the electoral situation, Ms Mogheriini said,

“The European Union will monitor closely the electoral process and related developments on the ground and stand ready to react through appropriate measures to any decision or action that might continue to undermine democracy, the rule of law and human rights situation in the country.”

Venezuela’s foreign ministry said in a statement,

“The European Union and its member states show their regrettable subordination to the opinions of the US government.”