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EU launches disciplinary action against Poland over judicial reforms

The European Union has launched disciplinary action against Poland over a series of judicial reforms that it claims threatens the rule of law.

A series of 13 new laws introduced by the Polish government have allowed it to "interfere significantly" in the judiciary says the EU. Vice president of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, told reporters that the new laws” put in serious risk the independence of the judiciary and the separation of powers”.

“Judicial reforms in Poland mean that the country’s judiciary is now under the political control of the ruling majority,” he added. “In the absence of judicial independence, serious questions are raised about the effective application of EU law.”

"After two years of trying for dialogue, of course we are frustrated that we haven't achieved what we want to, so now we're encouraging the council and Parliament to support us," he said.

The launching of disciplinary action could now see Poland ultimately stripped of its voting rights. The commission’s 28 member states must now vote on the issue, however Hungary has reportedly stated its support for Poland.

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