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Employees accuse Civil Security Dept in Vanni of large-scale corruption

Tamil employees of the Civil Security Department (CSD) in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu have accused department officials of corruption to the scale of 500 million Rupees (2.7million USD).

An employee at the CSD made the accusations at a press conference in Kilinochchi, claiming they had made complaints to several relevant authorities to no avail and were no going public with their complaints.

The employee also said that at CSD farms, employees were vulnerable to exploitation, as the majority were former LTTE cadres or disabled war victims.

Farm employees were made to regularly pay an ‘income tax’ of 3000 rupees, for which they received no receipts, the employee claimed.

The employee said CSD employees’ precarious positions as former cadres meant they were powerless to fight the corruption and exploitation within the department.

The CSD's operations in the Tamil homeland and its aggressive targeting of vulnerable groups for recruitment, particularly former LTTE cadres and war-affected women, has been criticised by Tamil groups. The department is viewed as a key player in attempts to normalise and embed militarisation in the Vanni while subjugating the Tamil population.