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Eelam Tamils express solidarity for Kurdish struggle

As thousands of Kurds marched through London during a mass demonstration against the Turkish invasion of the Kurdish regions of Northern Syria, Eelam Tamils joined the rally to express solidarity in their struggle for freedom.

Speaking to the Tamil Guardian, one protestor said,

"We saw the massacres at Mullivaikkal and can relate to the pain the Kurdish people are feeling right now. We have also marched on these very same streets calling for action."

Referring to the mass Tamil protests in London during 2009, the protestor went on to state,

"We stood right here [Parliament Square] with our flags held high, demanding our freedom. And now we are asking the same for the Kurdish people."


Another protestor told us that he came to show solidarity "with stateless people all around the world".

"Racism and discrimination has led to so many genocides around the world... We cannot let another one happen." 

The Eelam Tamil contingent also spoke of the solidarty they recived from the Kurds they marched with.

"We've had a lot of Kurds come up to us and shake our hands or take photographs with our national flag," said one Tamil activist. "A Kurdish protestor actually gave me a flag pole and told me to hold our flag high alongside theirs."

A Kurdish activist told the Tamil Guardian that he saw the LTTE in a similar light to the PKK and YPG.

"LTTE... PKK.... YPG... We are all freedom fighters!"