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Diasporas' role will grow in global politics

“Modern diasporas challenge notions of how political life should be organised. … Such transnational engagement is likely to grow as a part of political life in the coming decades.”

“Diasporas linked to states and those that are stateless have distinct differences. Some of the most highly mobilised networks support movements to liberate a homeland, as among the Tamils, Eritreans, Palestinians, Irish, Armenians and Kurds."

"In these cases the perceived danger to one’s kin and the absence of a state to organise the nation’s defense foists that responsibility onto those in the diaspora who can speak for the vulnerable.”

Terrence Lyons and Peter Mandaville co-direct the Center for Global Studies at George Mason University. Their research, on which their article 'Diasporas shape politics back home from afar' is based, is forthcoming in a book, ‘Globalisation & Diasporas: Local Politics from Afar’ (Columbia University Press)