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Department of Archaeology takes over disputed site in Sampur

Sri Lanka's Department of Archaeology has been given the authority to take control of land in Sampur which is claimed to be the site of a Anuradhapura era Buddhist stupa. 

A team of archaeologists claimed to have made the discovery on November 11 during an excavation. 

One day after the alleged discovery, the site was reportedly demolished by unidentified persons. 

In a statement announcing the department's take over of the disputed land, Sri Lanka's Speaker, Karu Jayasuriya pledged to action against those responsible.  

“The police told us that they found who is behind this. We won’t let go of this easily. The destruction of these historical ruins has affected us greatly. Although we don’t publicise it we will take necessary measures in this regard," Mr Jayasuriya was quoted Ada Derana as saying.