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Delhi extends ban on LTTE by 5 years

India's central government this week extended the ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) by another five years, citing continued concerns from the group and the Eelam Tamil diaspora. 

"Even after its military defeat in May, 2009 in Sri Lanka, LTTE has not abandoned the concept of ‘Eelam’ and has been clandestinely working towards this cause by undertaking fund-raising and propaganda activities, and the remnant LTTE leaders or cadres have also initiated efforts to regroup the scattered activists and resurrect the outfit locally and internationally."

"The diaspora continue to spread through articles on the internet portals, anti-India feeling amongst the Sri Lankan Tamils by holding the government of India responsible for the defeat of the LTTE and such propaganda through Internet, which remains continued, is likely to impact Very Very Important Persons (VVIP) security adversely in India." 

In March, Sri Lanka’s foreign ministry said it had revived its counter terrorism unit with the key priority being to coordinate efforts to lobby for the continued proscription of the LTTE abroad. 

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