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CPA - serious concerns with process to operationalise OMP

The Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) on Wednesday expressed "serious concerns" on the process of operationalising the Office on Missing Persons, after the gazette was signed by the Sri Lankan president yesterday. 

"CPA is disappointed by what seems a complete disregard towards the constitutional framework in Sri Lanka and commitments made in 2015 to usher in good governance, rule of law, democracy and reconciliation. It is also a sad reflection of a process that has been flawed from the outset, resulting in numerous delays and obstacles in the enactment of the legislation, establishment and operationalizing of the OMP," the CPA said in a statement. 

"CPA welcomed the commitment to establish the OMP, a crucial step in the search for the truth but the continuous delays and errors compounding the establishment of the OMP further exacerbate the uncertainty for thousands who continue to search for the disappeared and missing loved ones. This must be immediately addressed."

"CPA reiterates its previous call for swift action to correct this erroneous and arbitrary move and to ensure that the establishment and operationalizing of the OMP is done in adherence to the constitutional framework in Sri Lanka. Any exception in this regard will question the integrity of the OMP and much needed work towards addressing past abuses and impunity in Sri Lanka."

See full statement here