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Civilians and US troops killed in heavy Afghan fighting

At least 30 civilians have been killed by an alleged NATO air strike in northern Afghanistan where heavy fighting with the Taliban has seen the death of two US soldiers.
Local Afghan officials in the city of Kunduz blamed NATO air strikes for the deaths, after angry protestors brought bodies of the dead to the governor's office, reports the BBC. The New York Times reported  22 bodies were brought into Kunduz hospital including 14 of them children and four women.
One of the protestors, 55-year-old labourer Taza Gul told the BBC: "I am heartbroken. I have lost seven members of my family. I want to know, why these innocent children were killed? Were they Taliban? No, they were innocent children."
Responding to the reports the Nato-led Resolute Support mission said:
"US forces conducted strikes in Kunduz to defend friendly forces. All civilian casualty claims will be investigated." 
Meanwhile, US military spokesperson Brig. Gen. Charles H Cleveland, “We have no evidence at this point of any civilian casualties, but we take all allegations very seriously.” An investigation is reportedly underway.